Out of the VOX – Jordan Hoffart



Hoffart – RedBull Triple Set

Jordan was killing it this weekend at the Triple Set contest that went down at San Diego's North … [Read More...]

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Amelia Brodka – Exposure 2014

VOX RiderĀ Amelia Brodka has created a awesome skateboarding event for women called Exposure that … [Read More...]

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OJ Wheels – DiCola

Danny DiCola puts down four solid minutes of mashing in his own inovative style for OJ Wheels, check … [Read More...]

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Hoffart – Longest Ollie

Ride Channel linked up with Jordan Hoffart to push the limits of the longest flat ground ollie. … [Read More...]

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McEntire at Rowley Park

Blind Skateboards has VOX Pro Cody McEntire ripping up the Rowley Skatepark for today's Blind … [Read More...]

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Strubing Cruz’in in Brazil

Justin Strubing and the Santa Cruz Skateboards team stay on the road this time hitting Brazil. … [Read More...]

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