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Monthly Mash Ep.Five

In this episode of the Monthly Mash on Metro starts out with some shredding with Shaun Gregoire followed up by Brandon Perelson, Anthony Pshebelski,…

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VOX Monthly Mash Ep.Four

Episode 4 of Monthly Mash on @MetroSkateboarding includes some rainy day indoor sessions, standard D.I.Y. spots, Crusing downtown L.A. with the team and a…

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Monthly Mash Epsiode Three

Catch up with some of the teams latest sessions in this episode of Monthly Mash Ep.3 Featuring Danny DiCola, Cody McEntire, Al Brunelle, Frank…

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Monthly Mash Episode Two

VOX Skateboarding presents the Monthly Mash Episode 2! This time around we start it off at W.S.V.T with Truman Hooker, then hit some killer…

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Monthly Mash – Ep. One

VOX Presents a new video series – Monthly Mash. The first episode kicks off with VOX Riders: Danny DiCola,¬†Truman Hooker, Shaun Gregoire, and Frank…

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